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Transport Services

What we care about:

Our priority is to ensure the best quality transport for our customers. We dwell on the selection of employees and provide regular training for them, which are very important for safe transport. Your product is transported by modern transport fleet with pollutant emissions EURO6. Technical condition of all vehicles is controled and maintained in authorized services.Route of your package is directed and monitored by GPS. Thanks to which we can pinpoint the position of all our vehicles in the whole Europe. On behalf of enviromental protection and faster delivery of product we combine our tansport with ship transport

Glass Partner Transports Slovakia s.r.o. can ensure transport of product of any size and shape.We dispose of:

  • Special trailers with snapout construction, which is being used as a stand for transported glass, marble, eventually panelled metal profiles (stand type: A,L)
  • Trailers for transporting containers, sizes: 20', 30', 40' and 45'
  • Curtainsider trailers
  • Refrigerator trailers


In order to protect the enviroment and reduce the time of delivery, we combine our transports with shipping.

  • A truck transported by ship